ERP Questionnaire December 2017

Filling this Survey is helping IT to make a better ERP and to make you a more effective employee. We really appreciate the time you spend on it

All the questions asked in the this survey are based on the database status on 13th December

That is the reason of saying (About X students or About X employees)

How many contacts are active administrative employees in Fernun? *

How many of them declared German as a default language? *

How many active students have Fernuni? *

How many active Docents do Fernuni have? *

(Teacher + Assistants + Mentors/Tutors)

How many active students have declared an Invoice address? *

Some students need a different address to be Invoiced because their companies pay for them.

How many contacts belong to the category “Tutorat”? *

Tip: Category is TAG / Etiquette / Schlagwörter

If you send an email with Outlook, where can you find this email in ERP? *

Which email address do you choose as "email from" to send an email? *

Some time ago you wrote a very accurate answer to an Student. You don't remember the Student name, how can you find this mail? *

Which of these affirmations are true? *

How many teachers do we have in Faculty "ecof" on semester "Frühjahrssemester 2018"? *

How many german speaking and immatriculated students do we have in Bachelor of Psychologie *

do not forget the Bilingual Course (Recommended lecture on Marketing / Mass Mailing)

Where can you see the status of your Mass Mailing? *