Final Evaluation Survey 2020

The evaluation of teaching by students is an important part of the continuous improvement of education at the Fernuni Switzerland.
In this survey, you will be asked in a part to indicate respectively the degree of acceptance of different, thematically arranged statements. You can select only one option per statement: Strongly disagree / Tend to disagree / Tend to agree / Strongly agree. If you do not want to answer or the statement is inappropriate for the particular module, select "Prefer not to say".
If you want to specify an answer, so you are welcome to do so under "Other" at the very end of the survey in the last question.
On the other hand, the survey contains open questions, which you can answer optionally. Here you have the opportunity to give your experiences and to apply suggestions for the teaching team.

Learning objectives

Dans quelle mesure ĂȘtes-vous en accord avec les propositions ci-dessous ?

Strongly disagreeTend to disagreeTend to agreeStrongly agreeDoes not apply
The learning objectives of the module are communicated clearly
The criteria of the evaluation are communicated clearly
The learning activities help understand the expectations of the teaching team
You feel you have reached the learning objectives for this course.
So far, you feel that the learning objectives, activities and assessments are aligned.

Resources, activities and learning

Strongly disagreeTend to disagreeTend to agreeStrongly agreeDoes not apply
The Moodle learning environment is clearly structured.
The main notions and concepts of the module are clearly explained.
The instructions for the learning activities are clear


To what extent have the following contributed to your learning?

Very lowLowHighVery HighDoes not apply
Reading the handouts and / or textbook
Watching the videos and / or screencasts
Reading specialised papers or articles
Personal research of supplementary resources
Exercises with solutions
Interactive, auto-correcting exercises (eg: quizzes)
Hand-in assignments
Face-to-face, in person classes
Virtual classes
Discussions with the teaching teams (in person or online)
Discussions with other students (in person or online)

What did you particularly like?

What would you change ?